30 June 2022

Liu Yang,Female, was born in 1976,

currently living and working in USA.

Liu was graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology in 1998, and began to like photography in 2005. She has photographed wild animals. Her works have been published in Digital Photography and other journals. Since 2015, she has been obsessed with contemporary art and learned that photography can be an expression, not just a record. Moreover, she went to Europe to see the Venice Biennale and Cassel Documenta, and visited Thomas Ruff, a representative of Dusseldorf Academy of Arts, in Dusseldorf. In 2017, she began to study and explore Photogram, made many experiments and started to create photogram works.  In April 2019, she participated in artist Wang Qingsong workshop learning activities.

Exhibitions and Publications:

Dec.18,2021-March 26, 2022, Neither-Nor Group exhibition, SEE+ Gallery, Beijing & Shenzhen, China

Dec.2021, Dream Inception works published on China Photography Magazine.

2021.03.20 Aggregation, National Large Format Photography Exhibition, Ying Photo Gallery, Beijing, China.

Dec. 2020, “Gentle Particles- A hundred Years Photography Original Works Show” , Xi’an Zhongnanshan Silver Salt Gallery, China

Sept. 2020, 2020 20th Pingyao International Photography Festival. China

Sept.2020, DREAM works were published in Chinese Photographers Magazine


DREAM works were granted No. 1 of the Ten Excellent Work Awards in the 2020 20th Pingyao International Photography Festival, China 

Dream Inception, shortlisted in 28th China National Photography Exhibition Contest.